Dad’s Military Burial

Flag of Honor

When my dad died, the flag that covered his casket was folded and presented by the local VA to my mother.

I wasn’t alive when my father retired from the military and military living was never part of my life. So, the military formality, with its perfect angles and precision movements was very inspiring. I was proud to be the son of a man who took his citizenship in the United States so seriously.
More than 40 million American men and women have defended the cause of freedom in the uniform of our Military Services. The flag that covers their casket upon death is a final tribute to the men and women who have secured the blessings of liberty. Though the privilege and tribute is not reserved exclusively for veterans, it is a special tribute the family of every veteran should be aware of and take advantage of.
The custom flag we owned was important in my house. The flagpole was a necessary fixture at every house we ever lived in. The flag was flown consistently and treated respectfully. It is a symbol of a country committed to the cause of extending liberty to all people, and it is a great honor to be numbered among that country’s patriots in death.

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