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These flag days below are considered Flag Facts and in order to highlight these a list of Flag Days celebrated in America as well as important Flag Days in other nations is presented below.


1 New Year’s Day
1 Continental Army’s Birthday
4 Utah’s Statehood Day
7 Italy “Festa del tricolore” (Festival of the Tricolor)
16 Israel “Magen David Day” Flag Day
17 Martin Luther King Day (third Monday in January)
20 Inauguration Day


8 Boy Scouts of America Founded in 1910
12 Lincoln’s Birthday
15 National Flag Day of Canada
22 Washington’s Birthday
23 Flag Raising on Iwo Jima’s Mount Suribachi
21 Presidents’ Day (third Monday in February)
25 Greece Independence Day


1 Wales St. David’s Day
9 Utah Flag Day
12 Girl Scouts of USA Founded in 1912
17 St. Patrick’s Day


2 Missionary Reunions for April Conference
19 Battles of Lexington and Concord
23 England St. George’s Day
24 Easter (variable)
29 Prince William and Kate Middleton will marry April 29 in Westminster Abbey
30 Netherlands “Koninginnedag” Queens Birthday (celebrated on the 29th if the 30th is a Sunday)


1 May Day
2 Poland National Holiday
5 Mexico “Cinco de Mayo”
8 Victory in Europe Day
8 Mothers’ Day (second Sunday in May)
15 Peace Officers’ Memorial Day
17 Norwegian Constitution Day
21 Armed Forces Day (third Saturday in May)
30 Memorial Day (last Monday in May) at half staff until noon


3 Sweden National Day or Swedish Flag Day
4 Estonia National Flag Day
5 D-Day Landing in Normandy
7 Peru (Anniversary of the Battle of Arica)
14 United Kingdom Trooping the Color at Queen’s Official Birthday Parade (1st , 2nd or 3rd Saturday)
14 United States Flag Day
14 U.S. Army’s Birthday
15 Denmark Flag Day
17 Battle of Bunker Hill
20 Argentina (Anniversary of the death of Manuel Belgrano, who created the Argentine flag)
21 Finland “Day of Finland’s Flag” (Midsummer’s Day)


1 Canada Day
4 Independence Day
14 France “Fête Nationale” Bastille Day
20 First Manned Landing on the Moon
24 Pioneer Day


4 U.S. Coast Guard’s Birthday
22 Russia (Raising of the Russian Flag over the Supreme Soviet Building in 1991)
23 Ukraine National Flag Day


2 VJ Day
5 Labor Day (first Monday in September)
8-11 Salt Lake Greek Festival
11 Tenth Anniversary of September Eleventh Attacks
– Oldest annual Healing Field Memorial observance in Sandy, Utah (September 8-12 in 2011)
16 Mexican Independence Day (Victory of Mexican Army over the French)
17 Constitution Day
18 U.S. Air Force’s Birthday
26 Ecuador “Dia de la Bandera” (Day of the National Flag)


30 Missionary Reunions for October Conference (Friday, 30th September)
3 German Reunification Day
9 Leif Erickson Day
13 U.S. Navy’s Birthday
14-16 Fallen Firefighters Memorial Weekend
10 Columbus Day (second Monday in October)
10 Canadian Thanksgiving Day (Second Monday in October)
24 United Nations Day
31 Halloween


10 U.S. Marine Corps’ Birthday
11 Veterans’ Day
24 Thanksgiving Day (fourth Thursday in November)
19 Brazil Flag Day
30 Scotland St. Andrew’s Day


7 Pearl Harbor Day
21 Pilgrims Landed in 1620 & Winter Solstice
25 Christmas Day

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