Love What It Means; Love How It’s Made

Take every opportunity to fly a flag. At Colonial Flag we specialize in custom flags and flag poles.

If you need a flag for your business, church, civic organization, school, military base or home, then the flag you want is here in any size or material, whether it be polyester, nylon or cotton. We will also be able to outfit you with precisely what you need to display your flag indoors or outdoors.
Few images in America today proclaim the weighty feelings or the lofty ideals, held by American patriots like the American flag. Passion, Faith, Hope, Solidarity, Unity, Independence and Sacrifice are represented in the colors and design of Old Glory, which we take great pride in producing every day. The hundreds of thousands of American flags, which we create also meet all official specifications and are sewn and shipped with that same pride.
It doesn’t just have to be an American flag, though. Colonial Flag can create any custom flag: a family or company emblem, a school flag, a city or state flag. We can produce a flag with any design specified as well as provide you with a flagpole that would be right for you and your group.
Flags are meant to endure, to stay strong and beautiful. A flag is the physical representation of that thing in which you have great pride. Should you not also be proud of the way that its made and presented? Come to Colonial Flag and let us provide you with a flag of which you could be proud.

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