Flag Etiquette

While growing up we only knew one thing about caring for a flag and that was that we should never let it touch the ground. Beyond that it was all guess work. Well, Colonial Flag has posted some good ideas regarding flag etiquette on its home page.

While I run down a few of the do’s and do not’s, let me just say that proper respect should be the motivation behind everything you do while handling the Stars and Stripes.
Whether hanging from a flagpole or the side of your house, avoid flying flags outdoors during severe weather. And, if the flag should become dirty or damaged, clean and repair the flag immediately. Extra care can be taken by washing your flag in warm water in mild detergent and fully rinsing to avoid discoloration. Also, make sure your flag is completely dry before putting away. Trimming frayed edges will add life to your flag. And, when fraying becomes excessive use a sewing machine to re-hem flag edges.
Storing your flag can be just as important as flying your flag. Be sure to store it in a dry dust-free location, far from chemicals.
You’re probably aware of the triangle folding method for the flag, but be aware that when finished there should only be a blue field of stars visible.
When lighting a flag use multiple fixtures to ensure that the flag is lit no matter which direction the wind blows. If flying your flag from a flagpole, set the fixtures back from the pole a third to a half the length of the flag. Ideally three flag lights are best to light a flag on a pole with the fixtures about 120 degrees apart from each other. Aim the light at the center of the flag at the top of the flagpole to eliminate glare and shadows.
These are just a few tips to proper flag etiquette. Happy flag flying.

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