The Correct Utah State Flag Is Now In Governor Herbert’s Office

Governor with the flag

Governor Gary Herbert examines the new Utah State Flag now on display in his office.

When the Utah Legislature passed House Concurrent Resolution 2 (HR2) advising flag manufacturers to manufacture Utah State flags following the correct historical description, they made allowance for flags already made and in use.  To save money, these incorrect these flags would be changed as they wore out needed to be replaced.  In the twenty-eight months since HCR 2 passed, most of the Utah State flag flying outdoors have been replaced with new correct flags, and the stock of the old incorrect Utah State flag  which flags stores and manufacturers still have one hand appears to be running out.  Nevertheless, indoor fringed Utah State flags take a long time to wear out and need replacement.  At Utah’s Capitol, the Utah State flag in the formal reception room, the Gold Room, was changed when the HCR 2 passed back in 2011; however, the flag in the Governor’s formal office was in good repair and has continued in service.

Group Larger Picture

Sen. Mark Madsen, John Hartvigsen, Maurine P. Smith, Michael W. Homer, Julie Fisher and Brad Westwood show off the new Utah State flag now on display in Governor Herbert’s Office.

Many interested in Utah’s history felt that visitors to the Governor’s formal office should see the correct flag, and Michael W. Homer—a prominent attorney and the Chair of the Utah Board of History—purchased a beautiful new Utah State flag following HCR2’s approved pattern for presentation to the Governor.  On June 24, Homer and a group met with Governor Gary Herbert to replace the old flag a new one.  Michael W.  Homer was joined by the two Legislative Sponsors of HCR2: Former State Representative Julie Fisher and State Senator Mark Madsen.  Julie Fisher, who now serves as the Executive Director or Utah State Department of Heritage and Culture, has double interest in the occasion since her department oversees state history efforts.  The group also included: Brad Westwood (Director of State History), Maurine P. Smith (President of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers), Ron Fox and John Hartvigsen who together suggested the correction of the flag to then Representative Fisher.

Correct Utah State Flag

The correct version of the Utah State flag is replacing the old incorrect flags as they wear out and need to be replaced. The year 1847 now is placed in its correct position.

As Utah Pioneer Day—the 24th of July—approaches, Utah’s Governor can welcome guests to his formal office where America’s bold eagle and Utah’s beehive look down from their position on the corrected Utah State flag with the year 1847 appropriately placed below the beehive but on the shield.

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