The Bedford Flag

The Bedford flag is one of quite a few battle flags out there with somewhat of a controversial or (better said) mysterious history to it.  Today, the Bedford flag is possibly the oldest “battle flag” with regards to the American Revolution.  Some historic professionals have claimed that this special flag was flown by the Bedford Minuteman Company and, also, was flown at the North Bridge in Concord, Massachusetts, all the way back in 1775.

Bedford Flag

The Bedford Flag.

One particular question remains pretty much unanswered to this day: when and where was the Bedford flag made?  Some evidence available takes us back to the early 18th century.

Now, the Bedford flag was made from crimson silk damask, with on top of this material, the actual design of the flag.  The image on both side of the Bedford flag is not the same.  One side of the flag displays “VInce Aut Morire” which is Latin for conquer or die reading from the top of the Bedford flag to the bottom on one side, and in the opposite direction on the other side.  Also, the sword which is displayed behind the motto on one side, is displayed in front of the motto on the other side of the flag.

Historic professionals out there have been inclined to say that the Bedford flag was a flag that was made for a another cavalry, some 310+ years ago, because of it’s similarity.  However, with the aid of science, this possibility was discarded after in-depth analysis was performed on the paint used on the emblem of the Bedford flag.  Outcome of this analysis concluded that this paint type did not exist till 1704, some 20 to 30 years later.

Lots more can be said, or even discussed I am very sure, with regards to the history of the this special battle flag.  Now, whatever ends up being the Bedford flag’s history, it is still on display in the Bedford Free Public Library, in Bedford, Massachusetts.

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