Merry Christmas to Our Troops!

Throughout the Salt Lake Valley the commercial activity leading up to Christmas is starting to slow down.  All over the place, families and friends are preparing to celebrate Christmas with loved ones and to experience what to many is the most treasured holiday of the year.

At the same time, and in completely different part of the world, men and women who wish they were home with us right now are preparing to experience Christmas in an entirely different way.

Those who serve on behalf of our nation cherish Christmas as much we do.  It’s because of their effort that we enjoy the safety and freedom we do everyday.  They’ll be spending their holiday season in a place far away, most likely hostile and possibly somewhat lonely.

As we  gather with our families later this afternoon or early tonight, Americans in uniform worry about their safety as they patrol the various villages in Iraq.  As we gather with our families tomorrow, on Christmas morning, numerous Americans patrolling on foot and in armored vehicles in Afghanistan, will be ready to engage hostilities if necessary.

We know that the military does whatever they can, to ensure that our serving men and women enjoy at least some of the spirit of Christmas.  Today and tomorrow, many will open packages sent from home, many will partake of special meals and many will attend religious services.

May God watch over and protect these dedicated men and women, and their families.

Merry Christmas to our troops!

And, dear reader, Merry Christmas to you.

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