Flags to Match the Holiday

A previous aricle in flag-post.com titled “Flag Sizes to Match the Day” elicited this response from a reader:

I went another direction with this concept.  Not knowing anything about different [size] flags on different days, I decided to make sure I had an additional flag that was different from my daily flyer.  I try to fly my 5×8 stars and stripes every day.  On holidays, like the 4th of July, I fly my 5×8 Betsy Ross.  Occasionally I will fly another flag below them (Gadsden).  I have received many compliments about both flags and I hope it has inspired them to fly a flag in their yard.

Washington and Grand Union

Washington raising the Grand Union Flag.

I like his style.  I have also flown different historical flags on appropriate holidays.  January 1st is a good day to fly the Grand Union Flag to honor the date in 1776 that GeorgeWashington took command of the Continental Army.  A 13-star flag is perfect for either Flag Day or the Fourth of July.

FS Key and Star Spangled Banner

Francis Scott Key sees the Star Spangled Banner on the Morning of September 14, 1814.

I like to fly a 15-star flag on the 14th of September to remember the date Francis Scott Key saw the huge Star Spangled Banner flying over Fort McHenry as the British retreated. He was inspired to write our National Anthem, and I am inspired each time I see my 15-star flag “so gallantly streaming.

Bear Flag Republic flag

Flag of the California Bear Flag Rebellion.

California State Flag

The California Bear Republic flag inspired the design of the California State Flag.

State holidays are an appropriate time to fly state flags, and our fifty state flags have some fascinating origins.  Hawaii’s flag is our only state flag that was once the flag of a Kingdom; it once flew over the realm of King Kamehameha.  Texas has a state flag that flew over the Texas Republic, and also flew when the Lone Star State was a Confederate state.  Although California was never actually an independent republic, its design with a motto proclaiming “California Republic,” honors a flag displayed during the Bear Republic Rebellion. Utah’s flag displays a beehive to honor the Mormon Pioneers who arrived in the Great Basin in 1847 and established colonies where settlers, like bees in hives, worked together for the benefit of all.  Ohio is the only swallow tailed state flag, and New Mexico’s flag displays the sun symbol or the native Zia Indians.

Colonial Flag Company has a selection of historical flag replicas and all the state flag available that can be flown to match the flag to the holiday. These flags can add variety to display of the Stars and Stripes as we celebrate the holidays of the year.

US and Utah State Flag

The huge U.S. Flag – measuring 30′ X 60′ – flies with and big Utah State Flag – measuring 20′ X 30′ on the 120′ flag pole in front of Colonial Flag Company.

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