Decommission Your Flag

As the symbol for the United States, the flag should be treated respectfully, even though it may be faded, damaged or dirty and no longer fit to be displayed. There is, in fact, no set ceremony for decommissioning a flag, but there are some steps that are commonly used to lend the occasion a little more pomp and circumstance.

First you should choose a date and place for the event, such as Flag Day, or Memorial Day, and since flags are usually burned at the end of the decommissioning ceremony, you should choose a place with a fire pit or a steel drum or another safe place to burn the flag. Open the event to anyone, but request that all in attendance be dressed respectfully.
Next, you should present the flag to a couple of people who can inspect it and announce that it is no longer in condition for continued service and needs to be retired. Remember to handle the flag with respect, not allowing it to touch the ground. You can use a color guard to do this.
After the inspection, hoist the flag to the top of a flagpole. If you do not have a flagpole come to Colonial Flag where we have flagpoles for sale as well as big flags. Once the flag is hoisted, have someone, perhaps a military chaplain, say a brief prayer. (This step is optional) Someone else could then give a short speech about the importance of the flag. Have the participants then salute the flag and say the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by slowly lowering the flag and fold it in a rectangular shape.
After all is done burn the flag or dispose of it in another appropriate manner.
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