Declaring our Unity as a Virus Keeps Us Physically Apart

 The Great Symbol of Our Shared History, Values and Unity.

John Hartvigsen

Times of national crisis bring Americans together to meet challenges with solidarity. Two world wars, worldwide economic depression, polio epidemics, threat of nuclear war and terrorist attacks have all drawn us together and fostered our determination as a people to prevail.

Dealing with a Global Pandemic brings new challenges that may require physical distance in combating the spread of a virus, but we are not divided as a people.  We may not be able to physically rally together; nevertheless, unity and determination continue to give us the strength needed to overcome adversity.

The great symbol of our shared history, aspirations, strength and unity is our national flag.  Repeatedly we break out the Stars and Stripes in times of crisis and celebration.  It reminds us of the strength of the nation and the determination of the citizens.

Traditionally we fly our National Flag on dates known as flag flying holidays; however, the flag appears in neighborhoods, towns and cities whenever we are threatened.  It is not about “flag waving”; it is about announcing that we stand together in service and sacrifice as we support one another during a perilous time.  This message of unity is desperately needed now.

Symbolic acts have great meaning.  In Rome, Italians not allowed to come together in groups went out on apartment balconies to sing in solidarity with their neighbors living in adjoining buildings.  This reflects their spirit and culture.

Americans are a flag flying people. The Stars & Stripes fly from flagstaffs and flagpoles at homes and  on public holidays.  The flag is also a valuable rallying symbol during a time of crisis.

Healing Field® and Field of Honor® flag displays hosted for almost two decades in communities all around the country have shown us the positive impact that the U.S. flag has as it symbolizes healing and hope.

Bring out Old Glory from the closet or storeroom shelf and raise it to symbolize our unity as a people.

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