Bigger Flags and Patriotism

As we get closer and closer to the Olympics and coverage of the US athletes dominates more and more of our news and other television, I begin to think about the preparations made by athletes of other countries as well as the strong patriotic feelings held by fans and spectators of other countries.

That same national pride I feel is obviously shared by citizens of every nation. In college I watched a Russian documentary called The Secret Soul of Russia, which was about the hidden greatness in the spirit of all Russians. It’s true; there is a hidden greatness in soul of Russians. But as I watched I realized the same could be said about all people.

There is an unspoken quality, a secret something wonderful about all people that will never be fully realized without becoming one of them. During the Olympics, look into the stadium. Flags of every kind will rest in the hands of people whose hearts beat with a singular devotion to their own country; believing firmly, “We are the greatest”. And, if it makes them great, well, then maybe they are.

Some people have found that the size of their patriotism is best manifested in the size of their flags.
In Pakistan, a stadium flag was made that was so large that it covered an entire cricket stadium, making it the world’s largest flag.  It is one of the symbolic ways we as a people enjoy showing our patriotism.

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