Vexillology equals Fun With Flags

Anyone searching the internet for Colonial Flag Company’s blog will find Flag Facts – Flag News & More.  As explained in a previous posting,  entitled Vexillology?, vexillology is the word coined to describe this special type of information.  Paul Swenson, who together with his wife Liz owns Colonial Flag, tells everyone he is not a vexillologist, he just loves to see flags flying.  That makes him a vexillophile, another coined word that means “lover of flags.”  For Paul, in addition to being his business, flags are fun.

"Big Bang Theory" character, Dr. Sheldon Cooper, introduces his podcast, "Fun With Flags"

“Big Bang Theory” character, Dr. Sheldon Cooper, introduces his podcast, “Fun With Flags.”

Fictional television character Dr. Sheldon Cooper, portrayed on the sitcom “The Big Bang Theory,” is a vexillologist and socially inept nerd.  A self-styled vexillological expert, Cooper creates a series of video podcasts titled, “Fun With Flags.”   The premier episode can be viewed at the YouTube  link: during which Dr.  Cooper declares, “Flags: You have to know how to hold them; you have to know how to fold them.”

For members of the North American Vexillological Association (NAVA) , flags, even if a serious subject for scholarly research, are fun.  In the spirit of the coined word, “vexillology,” NAVA members have coined a series of similar “vexing” terms.

Vexillologist—a scholar who studies flags.
Vexillophile—a person who loves flags.
Vexillographer—a person who designs flags.
Vexillophobia—fear of flags, usually appears when a vexillologist gets carried away talking about flags.
Vexillodolatry—worship of flags.
Vexillarium—room where flags are kept.
Vexillodrome—a big vexillarium.
Vexilloholic—a person addicted to flags.
Vexillopath—an insane person who burns flags, and finally
Bivexual—flying two flags on the same pole (considered unnatural and obscene to a vexillofanatic).

Funny emoticon flag

For vexillological spouses, family and friends, this may all seem “vexing.

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