The Perfect Summer

Summer has begun, and with the warmer weather comes outdoor opportunities and recreation.

I look forward to summer because of the many farmers markets that are within a convenient distance from my own house. But, I also just enjoy the renewed fervor with which small businesses and organizations attempt to lure people out of their winter caves to, once again, set rolling the ball of commerce and economy. I like city living. I like public activities and attractions, the attention banners drawing my eye this way and that. I like public concerts and block parties; custom flags created for a special patriotic event. I like county fairs, bazaars, and swap meets and flee markets: anything that reminds me that my community is cool and that the people around whom I live are good people.

As a married couple, my wife and I have moved around a lot, and it’s difficult to feel as though we are a part of a community when we leave after having lived there only a year. We’ve recently put down a couple fledgling roots and are attempting to reach out beyond the borders of our own yard and to get to know “the people down the street”. Going to public functions, being out and about, helps me to feel as though I succeeding. I even had my own idea for a festival.
I would put on a mix between the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and the BBQ World Championship. There would be custom flags that read “America’s only Motorcycle, BBQ and Blues Festival. Oh yea, did I mention? The festival would also feature live performances by world famous blues musicians. The attention banners that lead into town would say things like, “Unless they wear leather, leave your mothers out here.” I can’t honestly imagine my little conservative town would ever go for anything like that, but I can dream. And until I make that dream a reality, I’m going to have to live out that perfect summer day in my head.

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