Strike the Each for Equal Pose

The “Each for Equal” Pose.

John Hartvigsen

As International Women’s Day approached, a number of photographs on the International Women’s Day website ( caught my attention.  The subjects of more than a dozen portrait photos held their arms out in a gesture that I had not seen before.  One photograph explained the gesture with the caption:

Strike the #EachforEqual pose
So put your arms out front and STRIKE THE #EachforEqual POSE to motivate others
and to make International Women’s Day YOUR day.

A simple yet meaningful gesture.  Two arms reaching out and displaying the recognized symbol of equality.  Society needs both arms strong and equal.  The “Equal for Equal Pose” visually expresses the motto for International Women’s Day of 2020 beautifully.

Colonial Flag Foundation reaps the benefits of amazing women who have contributed so much to Foundation events all around the country.  Women fill every local host committee position bringing Healing Field® and Field of Honor® flag displays to American communities from coast to coast and from southern to northern boarders, and it is often women who, having experienced a Colonial Flag Foundation even in a distant location, have the inspiration and drive to bring a massive display of U.S. flags to their home territory.

Colonial Flag Foundation enthusiastically supports International Women’s Day.  We invite all to join us in striking the “Equal for Equal” pose in word and deed.  Equality strengthens us all.

Colonial Flag Foundation’s Programs are enriched by the great contributions of Outstanding Women.

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