So Proudly We Hail, Flag Day 2019

by John M. Hartvigsen

I have seen the U.S. flag flying in foreign skies; I have seen the Star Spangled Banner raised over Fort McHenry; I have even carried the National Color as part of a spit & polish military color guard team; and yet, there is something especially touching about the simple manner Scouts display and honor the Stars & Stripes at a wilderness camp.

U.S. Flag and Troop 451’s Flag at Camp Hunt near Bear Lake, Utah

Of course these simple flag displays don’t capture the grandeur of fifty flags flying around the Washington Monument; there is not the precision of a Joint Service Color Guard presenting the flag; and imposing flagpoles display flags from homes, schools and businesses over a much greater expanse.

Nevertheless there is something basic, honest and convincing to be experienced when Old Glory flies in rustic surroundings.  It reminds us of pioneers and patriots carrying the Stars and Stripes along with them, as their experiences building a nation became our cherished history. Noble deeds gives the flag its meaning.

Pledging Allegiance for Flag Day

Scouts of Troop 451 salute the Stars & Stripes Trapper Trails Council of the BSA.

The rustic display of the U.S. Flay by Scouts at camp gives us simple inspiration.  On Flag Day, June 14, 2019, along with the camping Scouts, may we pledge to truly honor the flag through our actions.

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