What the Healing Field Means to Me

A significant “reason” for me to join Healing Field started many years.  When I was 12 years old, I went on a special trip to Indonesia for a period of two weeks.  I traveled along with a group called “Choice,” a non-profit organization that travels to various third world countries around the world, to give small villages a “helping hand.”

During this particular trip, we brought medical help and supplied piping to a small village in the middle of Indonesia.  Doing so allowed villagers to get water to their village without having to walk too much of a distance by foot, as they were previously doing.

Even though I had never received any medical training before I left on this trip, the traveling dentist allowed me to work as the “dental assistant,” and the travelling doctors as their “nurse.’  I assisted the group in every way I could.

Ever since this very exciting and meaningful trip, I’ve been very passionate about genuinely helping other people.  I’ve always wanted to go into some form of social work.  One of my goals in life has been to travel to third world countries in order to improve people’s lives whenever and however I can.

The Healing Field is a form of social work.  Healing Field has allowed me to assist many different groups (exchange clubs, rotary clubs, etc.) across our nation to raise funds for various charities by putting up large displays or fields, counting thousands of United States Flags.  Even though I mainly work behind the scenes, knowing that what I’m trying to achieve warms my heart tremendously.

Healing Field, Sturgis, South Dakota.

Healing Field, Sturgis, South Dakota.

Over the years, I’ve consulted with different groups in helping them achieve a Healing Field event in their towns and communities, all the way from getting sponsors to putting on a complete ceremony at their special event.

Pentagon 9/11 Memorial Healing Field, Washington D.C., Virginia.

Pentagon 9/11 Healing Field, Washington D.C., Virginia - Photo by Lance Cpl. Bryan Carfrey.

The other week, I received a touching email from a volunteer named Larry.  On one of the Veterans Day Healing Fields he said:

This is the 3rd Healing Field that I have volunteered for in Cathedral City, CA.  I lost my nephew Jan 04 and it is amazing how much this has helped.  I always think that the stories I have heard could not get any better but they do.

This year we had 8 fields go up for Veterans Day.  These fields went up all across our great nation, from California in the west to Georgia in the east.

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