Family Reunion

For the first time in my life, my dad’s side of the family came to Utah. Since my parents moved to here 33 years ago, his siblings have all but refused to come and visit. This past 4th of July weekend was the family reunion, and the Quinns finally gathered in droves never before beheld. An enormous cabin was rented where we all could stay together so that nobody would have to leave to other hotels or campsitesQuinns family reunion.
As the host family, a fair bit a pressure was felt as we planned a weekend that we thought would be memorable for everyone (nobody wants to be the family to ruin the family reunion). The usual lawn games, campfires and rounds of golf were planned, but we also wanted to do something that would mark the significance of the occasion, of not only the reunion, but also, the first reunion in Utah. At Colonial Flag they make custom flags as well as creating the highest quality American flags. My family thought it would be nice to design a big flag with the Quinn family crest on it. Before the extended family arrived we hoisted it above the cabin where all could see it. When the extended family arrived they were shocked and amazed at the beautiful custom flag created just for our family reunion. It was fun to watch as they stepped from their cars laughing, then shaking their heads and finally just staring at the big flag in amazement. They commented on it constantly and it became the focal point of our entire reunion, all of them saying we should get smaller versions made and sent to everyone that came.
This year was one of our most successful family reunions in recent memory. Not for many years have we felt so united, so unguarded, so together. A family that gave little more than handshakes at the end of the previous reunion was openly embracing while saying their goodbyes this year.
Flags have always been a symbol of our greatest aspirations and our deepest pride, just like our families. They also help to unify similarly minded and motivated people towards a specific cause. This year our cause was to become more united… and it worked.

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