Back By Popular Demand

Butte FofH at Headframe

Members of the Butte Exchange Club and volunteers post U.S. flags for their Field of Honor which is becoming an annual tradition.

At Colonial Flag Foundation, we get a great deal of positive feedback that gives us immense satisfaction.  While we visit as many Healing Field® and  Field of Honor® events as we can, we become acquainted with many events through emotional and excited phone calls received from local committee members.  Although these phone calls are often variations of comments we have heard many times before, we never tire of hearing these expressions which are always for us fresh and exciting.

When we answer the phone on a day when local committee members have posted their display of flags for the first time—we often hear the comment, “We expected that seeing our site filled with flags would be amazing, but we had no idea how amazing.”  Even over the phone we can hear excitement tinged with emotion.

When the Butte Montana Exchange Club hosted their first Field of Honor® at the historic Belmont Mine Headframe, Cindi Farrar called in to tell us that the experience of seeing flags posted there was far more impressive than she had imagined.  While I could not see the tear in her eye, I could somehow sense it in her voice.  She could not see me nod my head with appreciation as I tried my best to tell her that I did know exactly what she was telling me.  Some things need to be experienced, but once experienced they are not to be forgotten.

The next year Cindi called to explain that while the project seemed too much to do two years in a row, the Butte Exchange Club would again host a Field of Honor® in 2012—because, as Cindy explained, “the community demanded it.”

Notwithstanding that the project involves a great effort; Cindi contacted the Colonial Flag Foundation to announce that the Butte Exchange Club was ready to host its 3rd Field of Honor® flag display at the Belmont Mine Headframe.  Her words of explanation say it all:

We are already organizing and have boot on the ground.  Our community is now expecting to see the field every year and the Chamber of Commerce is encouraging us to do so.  So we are back by popular demand.

Butte from the air

The Butte Exchange Club’s Field of Honor® flag display at the Belmont Mine Headframe as seen from the air.

Seeing photographs showing the flags of Butte’s Field of Honor® surrounding the mines old headframe creates a awe-inspiring picture.  However, Cindi’s words are for us at Colonial Flag Foundation touching and memorable.  Words like these make our effort so very rewarding.  Back by popular demand?  Add us to the list of Butte Exchange Club fans.

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