Armed Forces Day at Utah’s Capitol

Utah Vets

Since its beginnings over a decade ago, the Colonial Flag Foundation has joined with numerous communities around our nation in honoring America’s veterans.  Healing Field® flag displays present a touching and healing experience for volunteers and visitors alike.  It is, therefore, with particular satisfaction that we join KUED and the Utah Department of Veterans Affairs  in remembering and honoring Utah’s veterans of the Vietnam Conflict.

Vietnam War Veterans Statue, UtahOn May 18th volunteers will post 364 United States Flags—one for each Utah veteran killed during the Vietnam War—around their monument located on the Capitol building’s west lawn.  Each flag has a story and represents a life lost in far away Southeast Asia.  Each flag symbolized not just one person killed in war, but family and friends. As they and the surviving Vietnam Veterans have only recently received appropriate recognition for their service and sacrifices, KUED’s documentary series, “Utah Vietnam War Stories,” takes on additional significance.  The era of the war brought dissent, demonstrations and controversy which denied Vietnam veterans the homecoming afforded those of other wars.  The KUED documentary presents unknown stories that document the service and sacrifice of Utahns in the Vietnam War.

Join with KUED and the Colonial Flag Foundation by visiting this inspiring display of the Stars and Stripes on May 18th as we remember and honor Utahns who struggled and sacrificed in a controversial and unpopular war.  These veterans and their stories deserve to be known, remembered and honored.
364 U.S. Flags, one for each Utahn Vietnam War veteran

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