A Great Picture of a Great Field of Honor Display

Brian Guhl, a graphic designer for the Naperville Park District captured a scene photographically that is familiar to those who have visited a Field of Honor Display.  A multitude of United States flags displayed in ordered lines; 2,009 flags in all were posted to commemorate Veterans Day of 2009.  The pale blue sky viewed through the bare branches of a stately tree portrayed the tranquility of an autumn day.   Viewing the picture one can almost hear the soft notes of the towering Millennium Carillon pictured in the scene adding to the feeling of healing and peace of the display.  The folks at the Park District liked the photograph so well, that a year later they placed it on the cover of the Naperville Park District Autumn 2010 Program Guide.  However, it did not end there.  Knowing they had a winner, the Naperville Park District entered the cover in competition at the Illinois Park and Recreation Association Agency Showcase, where it received the Integrated Photograph award.  The winning photograph is pictured here through the courtesy of the Naperville Park District.  Congratulations Brian and the staff of the Park District.  We agree, the photograph is a beautiful depiction of the Naperville Field of Honor Display.

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